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Sprott Shaw College’s International Trade and Business Management diploma program prepares you for a career path as an administrative officer, business development officer, freight forwarder, purchasing agent, business manager and more. We have partnered with the Forum for International Trade (FITT) to offer the FITTskills program, a series of courses that focus on the fundamental aspects of international business. Upon successfully completing the required courses, you can choose to write the FITT exams to receive an additional FITT Diploma in International Trade and Business Management.

  • You will follow FITT courses to gain a strong foundational knowledge of the global business environment, international finance and global supply chain management
  • You will learn to prepare and process import/export documents and arrange payment of fees associated with transporting, storing and importing goods
  • You will gain a strong knowledge of export and import restrictions, tariff systems, letters of credit, insurance requirements and other custom-related matters
  • Our program also prepares you for the FITT Certified International Trade and Business Management Professional (CITP) designation, which is the world’s leading professional designation for people who do business globally

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